We are at your complete disposal for organizing private and corporate events. We offer a comprehensive consultancy service, from selecting the location to event planning, taking care of every operational aspect. All our venues can be adapted to host events of any kind, tailored to your needs, combining the unique atmosphere of these restaurants with the superb quality of the dishes we offer.

El Porteño, the most renowned Argentine dining concept in Milan, offers various locations where you can host corporate or private events:

El Porteño Darsena, located just steps away from the Navigli, can host your event in one of its 3 restaurant rooms. What distinguishes it is the authentic Argentine atmosphere that welcomes every customer from the moment they enter.

Viale Gian Galeazzo, 25, 20136 Milan MI

El Porteño Arena, located in front of the Arena Civica in Milan, is the ideal place for any occasion: from an elegant dinner to a corporate meeting, not forgetting ‘el Almuerzo del Domingo’ to celebrate the most special occasions.

Viale Elvezia, 4, 20154 Milan MI

El Porteño Zaguán is an exclusive space for memorable events. The area is furnished with antique tables and a lounge area featuring small tables, armchairs, and a Chesterfield sofa. In the main room, there is a large table that can accommodate up to 22 people. Zaguán is available by reservation only and has a maximum capacity of 35 people for a seated service and 65 people for a standing reception.

Viale Elvezia, 4, 20154 Milan MI

El Porteño Prohibido, located at Via Macedonio Melloni 9 in Milan. Here, culinary art combines with the sensuality of Argentine tango, with live music and performances, to create a unique experience that evokes the typical atmosphere of Buenos Aires.

Via Macedonio Melloni, 9, 20129 Milan MI

El Porteño Roma. A unique location, a perfect fusion of contrasting emotions and enchanting imagery, offering the opportunity to embark on an adventure that engages all five senses. It represents a fresh way for Romans and Italian and foreign businesspeople, who often find themselves in Rome, to rediscover the carefree and glamorous atmospheres that have always characterized the city’s restaurants and nightlife.

The new El Porteño at Largo del Teatro Valle 7, nestled in the heart of the Sant’Eustachio district in a strategically positioned area within the capital, is the latest project by Dorrego Company, led by Fabio Acampora and the Bernardez brothers, Sebastian and Alejandro. After two years of meticulous research, starting in October 2020, they decided to conquer the ‘Eternal City’ and reveal that El Porteño, before being a restaurant, is a way of life and an interpretation of life itself, anytime and anywhere.

Spanning two floors, the new restaurant by Dorrego Company seamlessly blends with the cultural and social tapestry of the trendiest and most fashionable part of Rome. It is truly unprecedented from every perspective, a ‘place to be’ with a strong international flavor in one of the world’s most visited metropolises.

El Porteño is far removed from the city’s traffic noise but remains at its heart, nestled between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. It’s a restaurant where every detail has been meticulously crafted, from the lighting to the color schemes, and where some of the furnishings come directly from Buenos Aires. This restaurant aims to evoke emotions above all, reflecting Dorrego Company’s clear intention to export the El Porteño brand worldwide, transforming it into a ‘cult’ of Argentine enogastronomic and social culture, while adhering to a precise design and emotional plan that is recognizable across all latitudes for its sophistication, comfort, and privacy.

Custom menus can be tailored to meet various needs.
For more information, please email us at [email protected], specifying in the subject of the email which location you are interested in.