Soy porteño

The Argentine dream in the 1940s was embodied by the hope of many men and women to reach the city of Buenos Aires through a long journey. This is Argentina; these are the people who contributed to turning Buenos Aires into a great metropolis of ‘Porteños,’ ‘those of the port,’ ‘those who come from the boats,’ and who embody the city’s explosive, friendly, and embracing character. Today, only those who have lived in the city of Buenos Aires for generations can truly be called Porteños, a term that distinguishes them and carries the scents of seas and distant lands, echoing with tango and the bandoneón, accompanied by elegant and sensual dancers. You can find this same spirit in the El Porteño restaurants, a concept created by the Dorrego Company and led by Fabio Acampora, Sebastian Bernardez, and Alejandro Bernardez. The success achieved by the first El Porteño was undoubtedly confirmed by the opening of El Porteño Arena, which has established the brand as a winner and a success, solidifying the format as the go-to place for Argentine cuisine in Milan. In September 2019, the holding once again strengthened its presence in Milan with the opening of El Porteño Prohibido. Here, tango reigns supreme, and during dinner, guests can admire the dancers from the renowned Zotto Tango Academy, dancing to the notes of the most famous Argentine tango songs. The fourth Porteño, El Porteño Gourmet, was born from the collaboration between entrepreneurs Fabio Acampora, the Bernardez brothers, Paolo Catoni, and Martino Corti of HotelSolutions, located at Via Speronari 4. Angus Fiori architects oversaw the projects for the creation of the fourth Argentine star, whose restaurant activities will complement the hospitality services offered to Speronari Suites’ clients.


L’offerta gastronomica parte dalle succose grigliate di manzo, maiale e vitello cotte lentamente, con cura e dedizione, che da sempre costituiscono la tradizione culinaria nazionale e traducono in sapori inimitabili l’anima e la passione di un popolo intero.