Six evenings of weekly dinner shows featuring three captivating performances that seamlessly blend the absolute elegance of Argentine tango, combining dance, poetry, music, passion, and seduction, with the musical, vocal, and acrobatic performances of the visual show ‘Malabares.’ ‘Malabares’ is a tribute to the artistic, cultural, and musical richness of the entire Latin world, fusing contemporary dance, acrobatics, aerial dance, live music, and multimedia effects through projection mapping.

LIVE DINNER SHOWS – starting at around 10:00 PM

Tango “Yo soy porteño”

Wednesday & Thursday:
Tango “Che Buenos Aires!”

Friday, Saturday & Sunday:
Malabares “Fuego”

From Thursday to Sunday
DJ SET – from 12:30 AM

*The shows have a per-person service charge in addition to the à la carte menu.

From Tuesday to Thursday: €35 / €40
From Friday to Sunday: €40 / €45

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