The gastronomic offering begins with succulent grilled beef, pork, and veal, slow-cooked with care and dedication, which have always been the national dish and translate the soul and passion of an entire people into incomparable flavors. Alongside the asado, you’ll find other typical Argentine dishes such as empanadas or pollo en escabeche, prepared by chefs who are dedicated to tradition and the quality of raw ingredients, which are essential in a cuisine that places meat at its core. There is also a strong focus on vegetarians, with various options like vegetable empanadas, tofu cutlets, and caramelized red onion in puff pastry. Dulce de leche takes the spotlight in desserts, but you’ll also find pancakes, mousses, and homemade cakes. The wine cellar boasts some of Argentina’s finest wines, including Malbec and Torrontes, but El Porteño also features prestigious domestic and international reds and whites, as well as carefully selected sparkling wines and champagne.